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Egypt's National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction

legislation type Executive
Adaptation Framework
DRM/DRR Framework
Passed in 2017
The overarching goal of this Strategy is to increase Egypt's flexibility in dealing with climate change risks and disasters as well as the Egyptian Community's 'ability to absorb, contain, and reduce such risks and disasters' across different sectors. The original strategy was developed in 2011, but was updated in 2017 in the wake of political events in Egypt in 2015.
The stated goal of the strategy is "To preserve lives and property through developing a national system for disaster risk reduction in a manner that enhances the national capabilities and contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development". The strategy provides an overview of current DRR efforts and the institutional framework for DRR in Egypt. It also contains actions aimed at understanding disaster risks, early warning, investment, finance and insurance, preparedness, scientific research, private sector and civil society, sustainable development and disaster risk reduction. 


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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