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Law on Forestry No. 16/2017/QH14

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2017
This Law provides for the management, protection, development and use of forests; processing and trading of forest products.

It comprises of 12 chapters:
  • General provisions;
  • Forestry planning;
  • Forest management;
  • Forest protection;
  • Forest development;
  • Forest use;
  • Forest processing and trade;
  • Rights and obligations of forest owners;
  • Forest valuation, investment, finance in forestry;
  • Science and technology, international cooperation on forestry;
  • State management of forestry and forestry forest;
  • Terms enforcement.

Notably, it makes several references to climate change. 

Pursuant to article 3, which states the principles of forestry activities, forests are managed sustainably in terms of the response to climate change. Article 5 classifies forests into three types: Special-use forests; protection forests; production forests. Protection forests are used, inter alia, to regulate the climate. Forestry planning must also ensure sustainable forest management which includes responding to climate change, as stated in article 10 para. 1(b). Furthermore, article 11 para. 2(c) states that forestry planning contents must include impacts of climate change. Article 44 which deals with the development of forestry plant variety, demands in para 3(4) that varieties must adapt to climate change. Furthermore, article 96 para. 3 suggests researching solutions to conserve forest biodiversity and respond to climate change. Lastly, article 99 encourages international cooperation in forestry also with regard to climate change in paras. 1 and 3.

 Article 63 para. 2(dd) enshrines a "polluter pays" principle and requires larger GHG emitters to pay for services of carbon sequestration and storage in forests. Forest carbon sequestration and storage are explicitly named as forest environmental servies in article 61(3).


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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