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Law No. 31/2018/QH14 on Crop Production

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2018
Pursuant to article 1, this Law provides for crop production activities; rights and obligations of crop farming entities and persons; and state management of plant production activities. 

Notably, the Law makes several references to climate change adaptation.

As one of the principles of crop production activities, the Law mentions proactively forecasting, preventing and controlling natural disasters and harmful organisms; and making adaptations to climate change. 

Furthermore, pursuant to article 6(2)(a),(c) scientific and technological activities in the crop production industry shall receive the State's investment or investment incentives. This includes selecting and creating high-quality plant varieties which can resist harmful organisms and adapt to climate change; and researching, developing and applying organic farming and crop production practices adaptable to climate change.

Section 6 of the Law is dedicated to cultivation adapted to climate change and environmental protection in crop cultivation activities. 


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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