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Law for the homeland plan 2019-2025 "Tercer Plan Socialista de Desarrollo Económico y Social de la Nación de Venezuela"

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2019
This is a follow-up plan to the National Project Simon Bolivar 2007-2013 and the homeland plan 2013-2019. The plan acts as a national strategic guide for policy and governance and contains general guidelines for its implementation.

As the Economic and Social Development Plan of the Nation, it sets five objectives, the fifth "Historical Objective" being to contribute to the preservation of life on the planet and the salvation of the human species. This objective is refined under the following aspirations:
  • Objective Guarantee the sovereignty and leading participation of organized People's Power for decision-making, developing the collective construction of the ecosocialist doctrine.
  • Objective Develop a comprehensive policy for the use and enjoyment of natural resources, based on respect for nature.
  • Objective Develop the eco-socialist mode of production, based on a technological style and new forms of management that respect and preserve nature.
  • Objective 5.1.2 Promote the creation and establishment of a new ecosocialist ethic, which contributes to changing unsustainable models of production and unviable habits.
  • Objective Promote and develop the vision of the rights of Mother Earth, as a representation of the rights of present and future generations.
  • Objective Promote and promote the initiative on the universal declaration of the rights of Mother Earth.
  • Objective Promote a new scheme of values ​​oriented to the respect and preservation of nature, which transforms the collective conscience.
  • Objective Promote the development of sustainable and sustainable tourism activities, for the enjoyment of the population.

Climate-related actions encouraged by the plan include the following (automatic translation of the clauses):
  • Generate an interinstitutional and interdisciplinary platform for monitoring the processes and effects of climate change, in particular desertification and loss of agricultural soils, hydrographic basins, vegetation, inventory of resources and changes in the sea level curves, bodies of water, urban dynamics, land uses, among others.
  • Prepare cartography of current use, soil desertification and mapping of the impact of climate change throughout the national territory.
  • Promote special chapters of intellectual networks and social movements to promote a world current, with the forces that defend life, against climate change, associated with ecosocialism as an ideological position in the face of the capitalist devastation of the planet.
  • Generate a scientific support platform from Venezuela, using geographic and satellite systems for the purpose of environmental preservation and the fight against climate change.
  • Promote the efficient use of electrical energy through a culture of efficient consumption and the use of alternative and renewable sources.
  • Continue denouncing and dismantling international carbon market schemes that legitimise the purchase of pollution rights and the unpunished destruction of the planet.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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