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UK Renewable Energy Roadmap

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Passed in 2011
The UK Renewable Energy Roadmap replaced the 2009 Renewable Energy Strategy. The Roadmap outlines how the UK will meet its legally binding target to ensure 15% of energy comes from renewable energy sources by 2020.
 The government estimates that eight renewables technologies can deliver more than 90% of renewable energy needs in 2020, setting out key actions for each technology.
 - Onshore wind: The government will enable investment through reform of the electricity market and planning system and upgrade onshore transmission capacity
 - Offshore wind: the government will work to reduce the costs of offshore wind, to manage conflicts with oil and gas exploration, and to provide greater certainty over financial incentives
 - Marine energy: the government will provide £20m to support wave and tidal energy innovation and work to introduce a knowledge-sharing network
 - Biomass electricity: the government will establish measures to support long-term waste fuel supplies, including possible landfill restrictions on waste food, and will work to introduce cost-effective fuel monitoring and sampling systems
 - Biomass heat: The government will increase the attractiveness of biomass heat and biomethane through the Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewable Heat Premium Payment, and will work to enable anaerobic digestion plants through reduced regulatory burdens and faster permitting
 - Ground source and air source heat pumps: the government will introduce the Renewable Heat Incentive for non-domestic installations and the Renewable Heat Premium Payment for certain domestic heat pumps, will streamline planning and consenting processes, and will tighten Microgeneration Certification Scheme training to improve technical abilities of installers
 - Renewable transport: The government will establish a plan to meet the 2020 transport sub-target and will support the market for plug-in electrical vehicles
 The annual updates to the Roadmap allow the government to monitor renewables deployment and the development of the market, in order to ensure the UK can meet the renewables target efficiently and at the lowest cost mix of renewable technologies.


  • Uptake of offshore wind of up to 16 GW by 2020 and much higher levels in the 2020s
    Energy | Trajectory target | Target year: 2020 | Base year: 2011
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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