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A plan for jobs

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2020
This document is the UK's policy response to the COVID-19-induced economic crisis. It outlines a number of stimulus measures, including a "green homes grant" scheme budgeted at 2 billion pounds aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, and a 1.1 billion pound plan to decarbonise the public sector and social housing. The Green Homes Grant scheme introduced as part of this policy response was discontinued in March 2021.


  • £450M for the Short Term Home Building Fund to support 7,200 new homes in England and to boost the housing supply in the market.
    Economy-wide | Base year: 2020
  • £12.2Bn Affordable Homes Programme to support 180,000 new homes, as well as £12.2Bn to be spent over 5 years (2020-2025/6) on new homes.
    Economy-wide | Target year: 2025 | Base year: 2020
  • £40M to be invested into the courts and tribunal estate to aid environmental sustainability cases.
    Environment | Base year: 2020
  • £1Bn of additional funding to develop and embed the next generation of cutting-edge automotive technologies.
    Transport | Base year: 2020
  • £100M invested into the research and development of Direct Air Capture.
    Environment | Base year: 2020
  • £40M will be invested by the government into the Green Jobs Challenge Fund to create and protect 5,000 jobs involved with the natural environment.
    Environment | Base year: 2020
  • By 2032, the clean growth strategy will aim to halve greenhouse gas emissions from the public sector with the help of a £1Bn fund over the next year.
    Energy | Target year: 2032 | Base year: 2020
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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