United Kingdom

Energy Act 2016

Passed in 2016
The Energy Act 2016 formally establishes the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), sets its regulatory powers, and regulates onshore wind power. It supersedes the previous versions of the Energy Act.
The OGA is set up to regulate the oil and gas sector. A new strategy for the OGA was laid before parliament in December 2020 and came into force in February 2021. According to the new strategy the OGA has a new dal mandate to both “secure that the maximum value of economically recoverable petroleum is recovered from the strata beneath relevant UK waters” and, in doing so, “to take appropriate steps to assist the Secretary of State in meeting the net zero target.”

 The Act further amends Electricity Act 1989 to add provisions related to closure of onshore power stations and to use of Northern Ireland certificates (Part 5 of the Energy Act 2016).

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from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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