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The National Environment Act

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2019
This document repeals, replaces and reforms the law relating to environmental management in Uganda. It aims to provide a legal framework to environmental issues including climate change. 

The document creates a Policy Committee on Environment responsible for strategic policy guidance on environment. This Committee notably has to provide guidance 1)  in the formulation and implementation of environmental and climate change policies, plans and programmes, in accordance with the National Environment Management Authority, and 2)  on harmonisation of policies of Government with respect to the environment, natural resources, water and climate change.

Art. 69 on the Management of climate change impacts on ecosystems states that a lead agency may, put in place guidelines and prescribe measures to 1) address the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, including by improving the resilience of ecosystems, promoting low carbon development and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, sustainable management of forests and conservation of forest carbon stock, and 2) advise institutions, firms, sectors or individuals on strategies to address the impacts of climate change, including those related to the use of natural resources, 3) take measures and issue guidelines to address the impacts of climate change, including measures for mitigating and adaptation to the effects of climate change, and 4) liaise with other lead agencies to put in place strategies and action plans to address climate change and its effects.


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