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National Action Plan to Combat Land Degradation and Drought

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2006
This plan was devised as a response to Tuvalu's concern regarding degradation of its habitats and current predicted shortages of water connected with increasing population and the effects of climate change. The Plan specifies seven major causes of land degradation:
- Lack of land use planning (specifically related to a road project on Funafuti);
- Sea level rise;
- Drought and bush fires;
- Unsustainable agricultural practices;
- Unsustainable development activities (seawalls and boat ramps);
- Unsustainable use of watershed (extraction of materials from the foreshore leading to accelerated coastal erosion and loss of land); and
- Uncontrolled waste disposal

It then outlines six projects to be implemented:
- Water management: Northern Islands Rainwater Catchment Enhancement Project;
- Community tree care: Tuvalu Community Tree Care Project;
- Developing national environmental protection legislation: Development of National Environmental Protection Act with provisions for environmental impact assessment and regulations related to sustainable land management;
- Water catchment development (Funafati): Funafati AirstripWater Catchment Development Project;
- Protected area survey: Tuvalu Land-Based Protected Area Survey Project; and
- Integrated solid waste management: Integrated Solid Waste Management Project (Funafuti).

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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