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Global Climate Risk Index

The annually published Global Climate Risk Index analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.).

Published by German Watch https://www.germanwatch.org/en/cri
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Climate targets in National Law & Policy

Latest Documents

, 2020

This document was identified in the country's updated NDC. In this roadmap, the government notably commits to: extend the network and deployment of decentralised systems (e.g., individual solar panels) to achieve 75% electrification, supported by the establishment of the Electricity Fund for AllDevelopment of sustainable and reliable production capacities, partic...

, 2019

This law notably provides for exemptions or relief from the tax burden (customs duties and VAT) on the import of new electric and hybrid vehicles. It applies for a duration of maximum five years. 

, 2018

The Strategic Investment Framework for Environment and Natural Resources Management (CSIGERN) replaces the National Program of Investment for the Environment and Natural Resources. It is a programmatic framework defining interventions related to the environment and natural resource management. It constitutes the reference document for the Ministry of the Environment and Fo...

, 2018

In this document, the government states that it will aim to develop climate action and promote renewable energy sources.

, 2018

This law aims at enabling the country to enjoy 50 % of renewable sources in its mix of electricity supply by 2030, in line with its electrification strategy spanning the period 2018 to 2030 (Horizon 2030). The law puts in place a legal framework to attract investors in the production and commercialisation areas. Solar and hydro sources are prioritised, while micro generati...

  • unconditional contribution to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20.51% by 2030, i.e. 6,236.02 Gg CO2-eq the Togolese State undertakes, if it receives the required support, to achieve an additional reduction of 30.06% in GHG emissions compared to the reference scenario by 2030, i.e. 9,305.59 Gg CO2- eqEconomy-wide | Target year: 2030
  • 11.14% (unconditional) and 31.14% (conditional) reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 compared to the baseline scenarioEconomy-wide: Economy Wide | Target year: 2030
  • Forest cover to reach 30% by 2050LULUCF: Preservation | Target year: 2050Source: National Forest Policy
  • Forest cover to reach 20% by 2035LULUCF: Preservation | Target year: 2035Source: National Forest Action Plan 2011-2019
  • 50% of energy from renewable energy resources by 2030 against a 2018 baselineEnergy: Renewable Energy | Target year: 2030Source: Law 2018-010 on the promotion of electricity generation from renewable sources