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Constitution of Thailand

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The current Constitution of Thailand was adopted in 2017, making this the 18th the Constitution the country has had. This Constitution was enforced after at the military government’s second attempt to change the Constitution after the 2014 military coup took place. A national referendum approved the new Constitution by a 61% majority from a 59% turnout; it has not been amended since. Chapter XVI of Thailand’s Constitution refers to national reforms which, among others, should have as objective that the nation enjoys “sustainable development in accordance with the philosophy of sufficiency economy, and a balance between material and spiritual development” (section 257). Section 258 of this same chapter in the Constitution further develops that national reforms shall be carried out to achieve political, administrative, legal (law), justice process, educational, economic and other results. Within the “other” category, the Constitution provides for the protection of the environment by, specifically, referring to procuring a water resource management system that considers water demand, the environment and climate change. This provision reads as follows: “National reform in various areas shall be carried out to at least achieve the following results: […] g. Other Areas: 1. having a water resource management system which is efficient, fair and sustainable, with due regard given to every dimension of water demand in combination with environmental and climate change; […]”. 


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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