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Coastal Zone and Coastal Resource Management Plan 2018

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2018
This plan plans to build on post-conflict opportunities to boost the wellbeing of coastal communities. It focuses on shoreline management, conserving coastal habitats, control coastal water pollution, deal with special management areas, and improve regulatory mechanisms. It notably devise strategic schemes to combat floods, sea-level rise and storms. It mandates the country to combat erosion notably by adopting climate compatible technologies and designs for fisheries, tourism and other economic activities located in coastal zones. It also calls for protecting mangroves in order to protect the coast from erosion and ensure carbon storing capabilities.

The plan also aims to ensure the availability of contingency measures to mitigate impacts of climate change on coastal features, infrastructure and coastal communities and that systems for timely implementation of such contingency measures and plans are developed. It lists the following proposed actions: 

  1. Collate data from all relevant authorities on climate change parameters such as wind patterns, rainfall, temperature, sea level rise, etc. to predict coastal impacts of sea level rise.
  2. establish a database on climate change features relevant to coastal zone management in collaboration with relevant state organisations.
  3. establish links with international agencies/global programmes to obtain data and information on climate change, related features and mitigatory actions.
  4. analyse impacts of climate change and establish systems for timely adaptive and mitigatory action.
  5. Develop an effective mechanism to collaborate with institutions dealing with the scientific and social aspects of natural hazards to minimise impacts and for efficient remedial action.
  6. Coordinate inter-agency action required to mitigate impacts of natural hazards in the Coastal Zone and for remedial measures.
  7. establish a mechanism through which realistic estimates of sea level rise and other climate change impacts are taken into account routinely in erosion management and development in the Coastal Zone.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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