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Royal Decree 854/2022 creating the National Irrigation Board and the Irrigation Sustainability Observatory.

legislation type Executive
Royal Decree
Passed in 2022
The purpose of this royal decree is to create and regulate the National Irrigation Board as a body for cooperation, communication and participation between the different competent administrations in matters of agriculture and the application of water in irrigation, and other parties interested in irrigation management, which facilitate its governance. Likewise, its composition, functions and operating regime are determined. In order to provide relevant information on the sustainability of irrigation to the different competent public administrations in this matter, to the rest of the interested parties, to the citizenry and to the National Irrigation Board itself, the Irrigation Sustainability Observatory is created. The functions of the National Irrigation Board and the functionalities of the Irrigation Sustainability Observatory will serve in the field of irrigation and related activities. The activities of the Board and the Observatory will in any case respect the competences of other departments in matters of the environment, energy and water, in particular with regard to hydrological planning and the activity of the National Water Council.

Article 3.d states that the National Board of Irrigation will be in charge of developing studies and technical works related to irrigation, in particular, with regard to adaptation to climate change scenarios with less availability of water resources.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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