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Judgment No. 6846/2009 of July 15, 2009 (Supreme Court of Spain, Administrative Litigation Division, Section 5)

Jurisdiction: Spain

Side A: Viesgo Generaci�_n S.L. (Corporation)

Side B: Attorney General of Spain (Government)

Core objectives: Sought annulment of provision in National Plan

Electra de Viesgo Distribución S.L. and Viesgo Generación S.L. (also known as E.On Distribución S.L. and E. On Generación S.L.) brought suit challenging the individual assignment of emissions credits contained in Royal Decree 1866/2004 of September 6, 2004, which approved the National Plan for Assignment of emissions credits 2005-2007. The decree, argued the plaintiffs, did not contain a savings clause applicable to the electricity sector (as it did for the industrial sector) to allow the adjustment of the credits assigned to facilities for which the reference period for the overall calculation of credits (the years 2002-2000) was not representative of historic emissions. Electra argued that not allowing otherwise eligible facilities to apply for adjustment of credits in accordance with their truly representative emissions periods resulted in a violation of the principle of equality. The Court found in favor of plaintiffs, inasmuch as the Administration did not provide a justification for not providing a savings clause to the electricity sector, and declared null and void section 4.A.a. of the National Plan. .
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from the Grantham Research Institute
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