South Korea

Sustainable Transportation Logistics Development Act

Passed in 2009
This act, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, promotes the development of a sustainable transportation logistics system, in accordance with several basic principles: promoting a low-carbon transportation logistics system by reducing emission of GHGs; promoting an environment-friendly, energy and resource saving trans-portation logistics system; improving the mobility, accessibility and safety of the transportation logistics system; securing a balance between modes of transportation, classes and regions; effectively connecting the use of land and a transportation logistics system.

The state and the local authorities are to formulate basic plans (for 10 years) and imple-mentation plans (annually) and to allocate necessary budgets for the development of a sustainable transportation logistics system. These plans should be consistent with South Korea's 2007 Sustainable Development Act (amended 2010).

Necessary measures shall be taken by the state and local governments to reduce GHG emissions in order to implement the UNFCCC. The Ministry will develop a coefficient for calculating emissions per unit of transportation logistics, and utilise the data collected in policy development.

Other provisions deal with calculation and management of socio-economic costs, traffic management, transportation sharing structures, promotion of mass transportation and carbon free transportation, development of environment friendly facilities and technology, linking with urban planning, education etc.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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