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Integrated Resource Plan

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2019
This plan was originally published in 2010 as a subset of the Integrated Energy Plan. A revised plan was published in October 2019. 

This document sets the government's strategy for its mining and energy sectors. It notably 1) acknowledges the pressure of coal mining on climate change and health, 2) envisions carbon capture and storage as a solution for reducing the sector's externalities, 3) examines a carbon budget approach to enable a low-carbon future, and 4) acknowledges that renewable energy sources are to be considered. The government also commits to a substantial increase in new capacity of wind and solar.


  • Emissions are assumed to peak between 2020 and 2025
    Economy-wide | Target year: 2025
  • Expect to peak or plateau in emissions by 2025 and then decline.
    Economy-wide | Target year: 2025
  • A total of 10 PJ of electricity derived from grid-connected cogeneration plant by 2030.
    Energy | Fixed level target | Target year: 2030 | Base year: 2015
  • Average total electricity distribution losses below 8% by 2030, and average non-technical losses below 0.5%.
    Energy | Baseline scenario target | Target year: 2030 | Base year: 2015
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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