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Building Control Act (Chapter 29)

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This Act prescribes standards of safety, accessibility, environmental sustainability and buildability. The legislation provides a blueprint to regulate the design of building works and the periodic structural inspection of existing structures.
 On 15 April 2008, the Act was enhanced to incorporate the Building Control (Environmental Sustainability) Regulations. This regulation requires developers and owners of new building projects as well as existing building projects involving major retrofitting (with Gross Floor Areas of 2000m2 or more) to meet the compliance standard which was modelled after the basic Green Mark certified standard. Under this requirement, the professionals appointed by the developers or owners would have to ensure that the building design meet at least 28% energy efficiency improvement from 2005 codes along with other salient aspects of environmental sustainability such as water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, environmental management and the use of green building technologies.
 On 01 December 2012,the Building Control (Environmental Sustainability Measures for Existing Buildings) Regulations was introduced to the Building Control Act (Act), requiring building owners to:
 - Comply with the minimum environmental sustainability standard (Green Mark Standard) for existing buildings, as and when they retrofit their cooling system (effective from 2 Jan 2014);
 - Submit periodic energy efficiency audits of building cooling systems; and
 - Submit information in respect of energy consumption and other related information as required by the Commissioner of Building Control (effective from 1 July 2013).


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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