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Law on Electrical Energy and Natural Gases no. 123/2012 and amending Laws no. 155 and no 290

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2012
The law established a legal framework for establishing the free functioning of the National Energy Regulatory authority (ANRE, which replaced the Romanian National Energy Conservation Authority) to regulate electricity and heat production and its use to enable optimal use of primary energy sources, ensure availability and affordability, safety, quality and environmental protection based on the National Energy Strategy.It also established a framework for cogeneration, diversification of energy resources, transparency of tariffs prices and taxes, promotion of renewable energy and reduction in consumption.

The law was amended on May 19, 2020, by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 74/2020 to expand the possibility of contracting power purchase agreements. This Ordinance was motivated by the desire to improve the uptake of renewable energy in the country.

Law no. 155 of July 27, 2020, amends and supplements Law no. 123/2012 and other normative acts. It notably sets the legal framework for licensing around hydrogen and amend tariffs rules.

Law no. 290/2020 amends the law to transpose EU Directive 2019/692 (amending Directive 2009/73/EC).


  • Sets target that for electricity produced in power plants (using fuels from domestic production), guaranteed access to electricity networks may only be granted for annual quantities corresponding to a parimary energy of not more than 15% of the total amount of fuel equivalent
  • Target 24% of gross final energy consumption to be from renewables by 2020
    Energy | Target year: 2020
  • 24% gross final consumption of energy from renewables by 2020
    Energy | Base year target | Target year: 2020 | Base year: 2020
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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