Philippine Energy Plan 2016-2030

Passed in 2016
The Philippine Energy Plan formulates comprehensive sectoral roadmaps to make sure that the energy agenda will be implemented to meet the need of the consumers. The Plan focusses on sustainability of all available energy sources and the diversification of the energy mix. 

The plan povides the following targets for 2016-2030 energy outlook (the base year used for the projections is 2015): 
1) existing, committed, indicative and potential power projects + 30 percent share of RE in the capacity mix and higher natural gas share in power generation mix by 2030; 
2) energy savings on all sectors for electricity and petroleum products of at least 6 percent yearly from 2016 to 2030; 
3) increased utilization of alternative fuels for transport (CNG and electricity) from 2016-2030; 
4) 10 percent biodiesel blend for 2030; 20 percent bioethanol blend for 2030. 

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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