Global Legal Action on Climate Change v. The Philippines Government

Jurisdiction: Philippines

Side A: Global Legal Action on Climate Change (Ngo)

Side B: Philippine Government (Government)

Core objectives:

Local government officials' compliance with 1989 law relating to water provision and flood control

A group called Global Legal Action on Climate Change (GLACC) filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the Philippines seeking relief from dangers arising from flooding, which is expected to become worse and more consequential to Filipinos as climate change intensifies. Specifically, GLACC sought a writ of mandamus from the court that would order government agencies to act on the provisions of two statutes pertaining to flood control: Republic Act 6716”the Rainwater Collector and Springs Development Law”requires each Filipino locality to have and maintain a rainwater collector; Act 7160 calls on local officials to provide various forms of water impoundments. The suit builds on the writ of kalikasan issued by the Supreme Court in 2009, which established both a Filipino right to environmental protection and a channel for seeking relief from infractions of that right. The petition alleges that noncompliance with the two statutes is rife and increasingly harmful as the Philippines”the world's most typhoon-prone nation”experiences more frequent and severe storms and flooding. The court ordered the government to respond to the petition in 2010, but the case has not progressed since then.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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