National Programme for Spatial Adaptation to Climate Change (ARK), Implementation via the National Adaptation Strategy

Out Of Date
Adaptation Framework
Passed in 2007
The Programme recognises that the Netherlands needs to adapt to the unavoidable consequences of climate change and attempt at the same time to realise co-benefits for other sectors. It follows three areas of priority: Raising awareness, forming networks and developing strategy.
This is to be achieved via communication of the climate change problem, involvement of all relevant stakeholders to raise awareness and increase support, encouraging co-ordination among stakeholders, clarifying prospects for action and joint development of a national adaptation strategy and adaptation agenda. It also aims to develop and disseminate knowledge and develop a common view to understand climate impacts, their interactions and develop a common view of risks and responsibilities among all stakeholders and develop knowledge via the programmes under the Investments in Knowledge Infrastructure (Subsidies) Decree (BSIK) in this area.
It also aims to develop instruments, provide advice on measures and implementation by setting priorities for adaptation measures and capacity building to adapt via projects. This document was replaced by the 2016 National Climate Adaptation Strategy.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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