Climate Change Policy

Adaptation Framework
Mitigation Framework
DRM/DRR Framework
Passed in 2011
The Climate Change Policy is the centrepiece of Nepal's response to climate change. The Policy's preamble discusses a vision of limiting the impacts of climate change through environmental conservation and sustainable development. It further states that the mission of the policy is to address the adverse impacts of climate change and take opportunities to improve livelihoods and encourage climate-friendly change.
 The Policy summarises the significance of climate change to Nepal, sets out the condition and context of Nepal's institutional response and outlines the following policies that have been adopted:
 1) Climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction
 2) Low carbon development and climate resilience
 3) Access to financial resources and utilisation
 4) Capacity building, peoples' participation and empowerment
 5) Study and research
 6) Technology development, transfer and utilisation
 7) Climate-friendly natural resources management
 The Policy aims to achieve the following actions:
 1) Establishment of a Climate Change Centre within 1 year for conducting climate change research and monitoring, and regularly providing policy and technical advice to the Government of Nepal
 2) Initiation of community-based local adaptation actions as mentioned in the NAPA through managing financial resources by 2011
 4) Preparation of a national strategy for carbon trade in order to benefit from the Clean Development Mechanism by 2012
 5) Formulation and implementation of a low-carbon economic development strategy that supports climate-resilient socio-economic development by 2014
 6)  Assessment of losses and benefits from climate change in various geographical areas and development sectors by 2013
 7)  Promotion of climate adaptation and adoption of effective measures to address adverse impacts of climate change through technology development and transfer, public awareness raising, capacity building and access to financial resources

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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