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Latest Documents

, 2020

This document constitutes Nauru's framework climate law. It makes provision for the management and protection of the environment, climate change, the promotion of sustainable development, and to facilitate compliance with international and regional environment related obligations. It defines responsibilities at the government level on climate change and environmental prote...

, 2019

This document was endorsed and adopted by the Nauruan Cabinet on 27 November 2019 as a guide to public infrastructure investment planning and budgeting. The plan notably assesses how to make the country infrastructure resilient to adverse effects of climate change, and protect the country's depleting resources, notably land.

, 2017

The National Disaster Risk Management Act establishes the measures to ensure an effective disaster management for Nauru. The purposes of the act are the following: 1) to mitigate the potential adverse effects of an event, to prepare managing the effects of an event and to effectively respond to and revocer from a disaster; 2) to provide procedures for effective coordi...

, 2015

The Nauru Water and Sanitation Master Plan covers the planning horizon of 2015 to 2035. It assesses the water supply and sewerage infrastructure needs of Nauru and notably calls for the use of reservoirs and the need of harvesting rainwater to counter the change in precipitations related to climate change. 

, 2015

This document outlines the government's vision regarding climate change and associated disasters. It aims at identifying adaptation priorities and to provide a framework for long-term planning. Priorities outlined are water energy and food security, safeguarding a healthy environment, people and productive land resources. The document lists in section 4 a number of specifi...

  • Nauru aspires to achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks by 2050, on the basis of equity and in the context of sustainable development and efforts to eradicate poverty. This updated NDC sets the beginning of the path for Nauru to progress towards our aspiration of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.Economy-wide | Target year: 2050
  • 30% energy efficiency improvement in residential, commercial, and government sectors by 2020 against a 2014 baselineUrban: Energy Efficiency | Target year: 2020Source: Nauru Energy Road Map 2018-2020
  • Less than 10% energy loss in power production and distribution by 2015Energy: Energy Efficiency | Target year: 2015Source: National Sustainability Development Strategy (NSDS) 2005-2025
  • 50% grid electricity supplied from renewables by 2020Energy: Renewable Energy | Target year: 2020Source: Nauru Energy Road Map 2018-2020
  • 50% energy consumed from renewables by 2015Energy: Renewable Energy | Target year: 2015Source: Energy Policy Framework