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Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (MCCSAP) 2016-2030

legislation type Executive
Action Plan
Passed in 2017
The Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (MCCSAP) provides a roadmap to guide Myanmar’s strategic responses and actions to climate-related risks and opportunities over the next fifteen years and beyond. 

The MCCSAP is built on the principles of: 1) inclusive development that allows poor, marginalised and vulnerable women, men and geographic regions to benefit from opportunities provided by climate-resilient and low-carbon development; 2) driving action to deliver resource-efficient development that will incentivise investment in a green economy to achieve growth targets with minimal environmental harm and carbon emissions; 3) integrated development to direct government, development partners, civil society, private sector entities and communities to coordinate policies and programmes to support the strategy's overall objectives; 4) supporting results-oriented development through a time-bound goal and objectives.

To achieve its goals, Myanmar needs to direct its development actions along two strategic pathways: 1)to increase the adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities and sectors ; 2) to create and maximise opportunities for potential sectors to follow a low-carbon development pathway ensuring development benefits to households and all economic sectors.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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