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Climate Change Strategy 2018-2030

legislation type Executive
Adaptation Framework
Mitigation Framework
Passed in 2019
The Myanmar Climate Change Strategy sets out the framework for climate change action in Myanmar, setting out Myanmar's vision to become a climate-resilient country and to contribute to efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The strategy, which covers multiple sectors and aims to both reduce vulnerability to climate change and promote low-carbon growth rests on five implementation pillars including an overarching policy framework, a multi-stakeholder institutional mechanism, a financial mechanism, a capacity strengthening framework, and a monitoring and evaluations framework. The policy aims at the realisation of the following, sector-specific outcomes: (a) Climate-resilient productivity and climate-smart responses in the agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors to support food security and livelihood strategies while also promoting resource-efficient and low-carbon practices. (b) Natural resource management that enhances the resilience of biodiversity and ecosystem services that support social and economic development and deliver carbon sequestration. (c) Climate-resilient and low-carbon energy, transport and industrial systems that support inclusive and sustainable development and economic growth. (d) All township and city dwellers, including the most vulnerable, are safe from increased risks of rapid- and slow-onset natural disasters and live in sustainable, inclusive, low-carbon, climate-resilient towns. (e) Communities and economic sectors are able to respond to and recover from climate-induced disasters, risks and health impacts and build a healthy society, and (f) Strengthened education, awareness and technological systems that foster a climate-responsive society and human capital to design and implement climate-resilient and low-carbon development solutions for inclusive and sustainable development.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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