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Law No. 21/2013 on Disaster Management

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2013
The Law's five objectives are to:
  • Implement natural disaster management programmes systematically and expeditiously in order to reduce disaster risks;
  • Form the National Committee and Local Bodies in order to implement natural disaster management programmes systematically and expeditiously;
  • Co-ordinate with national and international government departments and organisations, social organisations, other non-government organisations or international organisations and regional organisations in carrying out natural disaster management activities;
  • Conserve and restore the environment affected by natural disasters;
  • Provide health, education, social and livelihood programmes in order to bring about better living conditions for victims.
 The law enables the formation of a National Natural Disaster Management Committee (and sub-committees) and specifies 31 specific roles and duties of the committee, including the establishment of a Natural Disaster Management Centre. The law primarily focuses on the committee's functions in response to a natural disaster but also outlines the need for the Natural Disaster Management Centre to monitor and screen information to enable early warning, and for the committee to educate and motivate the public for better readiness in the face of a natural disaster. The law identifies several required preparatory measures including 'enhancement of the capacity of the public for emergence of a disaster resilient community compatible with reduction of damage and losses due to unforeseen disaster risk caused by climate change'.
 The law also states that region and state-level Natural Disaster Management Bodies are to be formed to respond to and manage natural disasters at the local level. The law allows for the President to declare an area a Natural Disaster Affected Area, specifies what emergency responses are to be enacted should a natural disaster be declared, and what rehabilitation and reconstruction activities are to be carried out. The law also specifies that a Natural Disaster Management Fund be established, as well as region or state-level funds.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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