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Master Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017-2030

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2017
The overarching goal of this document is that “the population, their livelihoods and health and public and private infrastructure resilient to extreme events and the effects of climate change and with a consolidated culture of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery”.

The Strategic Lines associated with this vision are:
> Consolidation of acquired experience, in order to guarantee continuity, learning and development;
> Prospective action on the generating processes risk and protection of public and private investments, as a way of adapting prospective risk management;
> Strengthening of territorial planning, paying attention to the growing urban risk and climate change, as a way of containing and controlling trends of increased risk generated by urbanisation processes, recognised as the main source of risk;
>Capacity development, as a way of raising awareness of the entire Mozambican society, to ensure effective actions for preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters, as well as to strengthen community resilience, with special attention to inclusion criteria and the gender balance;
> Involvement of local communities, promoting good practices and the use of local knowledge to complement scientific knowledge in the implementation of specific sectoral policies, strategies, plans and programmes, with an intersectoral approach adapted to the context;
> Corrective intervention to lay the groundwork for rapid recovery and resilient reconstruction after extreme events; and
> Promotion of regulatory and institutional reform processes to improve public policies and institutional management, through a legal, normative and innovative framework.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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