The Forest Law

Passed in 2012
The purpose of this Law is to regulate relations for the protection, restoration, forestation, tenure, use of forests and prevention from forest and steppe fires.
 The Law regulates the ownership of planted forests and tenure forests. It also classifies a Forest Fund based on two conservation and utilisation regimes: conservation forest zones and production forest zone.
 The amended Law foresees the use of forests for GHG sequestration and defines 'forest inventory and forest taxation' as comprehensive measures to define forest protection, sustainable use and restoration activities by assessing the area, resources, distribution, composition, quality, conditions, changes of forest fund as well as estimation of GHG sequestration and study on forest biomass. The forest inventory is to be executed by a professional forest organisation authorised by the State Administrative Central Body, and implemented within five years. Forest taxation is to be implemented within 10 years. The government shall approve regulation on conducting forest inventory and forest taxation.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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