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President's Expanded Priority Program (PROPEP 2020-2023)

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2020
This document introduces a stimulus programme to combat the adverse effects of the COVID-19-induced economic crisis. It seeks to 1) intensify public investment, particularly in priority productive sectors with a view to accelerating the achievement of food self-sufficiency and in green sectors; 2)  establish a Strategic Investment Fund; 3) initiate the formalisation of the economy; 4) simplify administrative procedures; 5) improve the business environment; and 6) lay the institutional foundations for strong and effective governance to support the private sector.

The program notably allocates funds towards reforestation and sustainable forest management efforts, and the creation of green jobs. It aims to restore and ensure sustainable management of forest areas and degraded lands with a view to improving the livelihoods of local populations. It also contributes to better pollution management and the promotion of waste recovery channels capable of creating sustainable jobs, especially for young people. The envelope devoted to this axis represents an amount of MRU 961.9 million, or 4% of the overall funding.

From this specific envelope, 350 million MRU will go toward the national reforestation program, including schools and public spaces. Further details on the allocation of this envelope are as follows:
- Reinforcement of the national initiative of the great green wall for an envelope of 250 million MRU, or 26% of the financing of axis, allowing the realization of multipurpose gardens or Integrated Community Agricultural Farms,
- Reduce pollution and improve the management and recovery of urban solid waste. for an overall envelope of MRU 361.9 million, i.e. 37.6% of the funding for the axis. This envelope will be intended for the ongoing program to clean up 33 municipalities in the interior of the country and its renewal for an additional year, as well as the development and introduction of a mercury-free extraction process for artisanal gold.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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