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Kiribati Integrated Environment Policy

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2012
The core vision of the integrated environment policy (KIEP) is that "the people of Kiribati continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment that is resilient to the impacts of global climate change and supports livelihoods, human health and sustainable development'. KIEP is intented to serve as the framework document through which, activities carried out under the Environment KPA will be guided. It does not replace the existing thematic area plans and action strategies but rather provides an integrated framework for their effective implementation. The KIEP will be tied into the term of the Kiribati Development Plan and seeks to strengthen the environment pillar and in that way effectively contributes towards the sustainable development of the Republic of Kiribati. It will follow the KDP's monitoring and review cycle. The document lists a number of policy goals and objectives, including with regard to climate change. These are 1) to improve knowledge, information and national adaptive capacity for responding and adapting to climate change, 2) to build on existing adaptation measures and continue with implementation of concrete and practical adaptation measures aimed at protecting and sustaining environment services, 3) to implement mitigation measures and strengthen synergies between climate change mitigation and environment sustainability, 4) to facilitate long term planning and preparations to respond to the impacts of global climate change in order to build the resilience of the environment through coherent climate change programs undertaken at national level through MELAD.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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