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Agriculture (Farm Forestry) Rules 2009

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2009

 The Agriculture Farm Forestry rules of 2009, designed by the Minister for Agriculture after consultations with the Central Agricultural Board, require farmers to establish and maintain farm forestry on at least 10 % of every of their agriculture lands. The underlying objectives behind these efforts to regulate the destruction of vegetation for agricultural expansion are 1) combating climate change, 2) conserving water, soil and biodiversity, and 3) protecting riverbanks.
 The rules are now part of the Agriculture Act of 2012 which seeks to maintain a stable agriculture, soil quality and fertility and to stimulate sustainable agriculture more generally. The Kenyan Constitution of 2010 itself aims a tree cover of at least 10 % of the country's total land area.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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