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Energy Act 2006, Parts of which is executed by the Energy Management Regulations 2012

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2006
Encompassing several laws related to energy, the Act has a very broad scope, covering all forms of energy, from fossil fuels to renewables. The Act mandates the government to promote the development and use of renewable energy, including biodiesel, bioethanol, biomass, solar, wind, hydro-power, biogas, charcoal, fuel-wood, tidal, wave, municipal waste, among others.

The Act elaborates the responsibilities of the Ministry of Energy for renewables, which include the development of a national strategy of research in this field and creation of an Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), to be in charge the production, distribution, supply and use of renewable energy.

The Energy Management regulations of 2012 establishes that a commission shall carry out energy consumption rating for all facilities, mandates owner occupier of large facilities to appoint an energy officer and develop an energy management policy that outlines measures of efficiency and conservation, mandates submission of energy audit reports, develop an energy investment plan and demonstrate its implementation in a phased manner.

The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2012 were made under section 110 of the Energy Act, 2006. They require all premises with hot water requirements exceeding 100 litres/day to install and use solar heating systems. Violation of the provisions can result in fines (up to 1 million shillings) or imprisonment (up to 1 year) or both. All premises are also required to have a minimum annual solar contribution of sixty per cent to the premises' hot water demand. The Regulations also specify who is responsible for compliance with these requirements and provide rules and standards for the installation of solar heating systems.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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