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Decision No. 4079 - Israel's Preparedness to Adapt to Climate Change: Implementing Recommendations for a Strategy and a National Action Plan

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2018
This decision instructs the Executive Committee chaired by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to prepare a national plan for preparing and adapting to climate change. 

The five following goals must be achieved by the plan and strategy: 
1. Reducing damage to life and property and building economic resilience.
2. Taking measures to increase the durability of natural systems.
3. Building and updating the scientific knowledge base for decision making.
4. Education, raising awareness and making knowledge accessible to decision makers and the public.
5. Israel's integration into the global effort in accordance with its commitments, and the promotion of regional and international cooperation.

The national plan must implement the recommendations and establish an administration to prepare the State of Israel for adaptation to climate change. It must also establish a governing body, to be called the Climate Change Preparedness Administration, which will be responsible for inter-ministerial coordination and monitoring the implementation of the national adaptation strategy and the implementation of the preparation plans in the outline of the adaptation plan and updated from time to time. The administration will be headed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and will ensure a coordinated effort between government ministries and other public authorities.

The document further sets a monitoring, reporting and verification system. 


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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