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National Development Plan of Guinea-Bissau 2020-2023

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2020
The sixth strategic objective of this plan is to preserve Biodiversity, combat climate change and value Natural Capital.

Other climate-related measures found in the presentation report include the following:
  • Promoting Better Access to Modern Energy Services 
  •   Strengthening Ecological Connectivity and Adaptation to Climate Change Impact Investment and Capacity Building in Support of Sustainable Management 
  • Integrated Cross-Border Water Resources Management in the Corr Basin 
  • Energy Access Service Improvement Through Renewable Energies 
  • Strengthening the Resilience of Cattle in the Face of Drought in Guinea-Bissau
  • Fight against food insecurity in the regions of oio and cacheu in guinea 
  • hybridization of thermal power plants for electricity production in guine-bissau 
  • climate finance mechanism to promote investments in energy establishment of the national adaptation planning process in guinea 
  • climate information and system reinforcement 
  • Early Warning and Adaptation Restoration of Ecosystem Services Based on Adaptation 
  • Support of the Transformational Climate-Resilient Structure in African Sids 
  • Project for the Implementation of Smart Agriculture Practices in Les 
  • Project for Construction and Management of a Sanitary Landfill by Region Administer 
  • Project of Assembly of Operationalization of a Reference Laboratory Ibap Capacity Reinforcement 
  • Project (Tchetchi Corridor, Salif-Xitole Elaboration and Implementation of the National Adaptation Plan to Changes 
  • Project to Stimulate the National Biosafety Program


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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