National Strategy on Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change

Passed in 2013
Serves as the framework legislation for coastal adaptation efforts in Gabon aimed at ensuring the physical integrity, as well as controlling and decreasing the risk of erosion, coastal flooding, and associated socio-economic decline.

Formulated and adopted with the assistance of the Africa Adaptation Partnership, this Strategy formally establishes the following objectives:
1. the implementation of protective instruments to prevent coastal erosion including sea walls and beach nourishment
2. the establishment of specific coastal zone management guidelines
3. define and delineate vulnerable coastal areas that consider hydrological, biogeographic, socio-economic, and cultural factors
4. the establishment of a central institutional management platform to monitor coastal zones and make decisions regarding coastal zone management
5. the simultaneous implementation of measures to improve the lives of urban coastal populations impacted by poverty

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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