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Energy sobriety plan

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2022
This plan calls for a mobilisation of everyone to achieve substantial overall energy savings. It caps a range of plans and circulars that originated in early 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine and subsequent constraints on European energy supply. The broader French energy strategy, announced by the President of the Republic in February 2022, is based on four pillars: energy sobriety, energy efficiency, accelerating the development of renewable energies (EnR), and the revival of the French nuclear industry.

The energy sobriety plan concerns different sectors and players, including in particular:
  • buildings (maximum temperature of 19°C in offices, 15-day delay in the start and end of the heating period, reduction in the use of domestic hot water in offices);
  • transport (privileged use of bicycles, public transport or carpooling);
  • the State (heating at 18°C ​​and work in staggered hours on days of high voltage on the electricity network, incentive to work from home in order to reduce fuel consumption, speed limit of 110 km/h on motorways for agents employing their service vehicle during non-urgent business trips, reduction of energy consumption of digital origin, etc.);
  • local authorities (reduction in electricity consumption linked to public lighting, limitation of the heating of sports equipment and reduction in the number of heated square meters by grouping public services in more suitable premises);
  • companies (switching off the interior lighting of buildings when the premises are unoccupied and reduction of exterior lighting, in particular advertising, control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, elimination of unnecessary travel, etc.);
  • individuals (implementation of a sobriety bonus for households controlling their energy consumption, aid to switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump in individual housing, improvement of information for the French on the "weather of the 'electricity' via the Ecowatt signal(new window));
  • sport (reduction of lighting time before and after matches, reduction of heating in gymnasiums, reduction of water temperature in swimming pools, etc.);
  • culture (limiting the energy footprint of cinemas, etc.).


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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