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European Energy Security Strategy

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2014
The Commission adopted the Energy Security Strategy in response to the political crisis in Ukraine and the overall importance of a stable and abundant supply of energy.
 The strategy seeks to respond to the high dependence on energy imports (53% total energy consumed imported, including 88% of crude oil, 66% of natural gas, 42% of solid fuels such as coal, 95% of uranium).
 In the short-term, the strategy proposes launching energy security stress tests to simulate disruptions in the gas supply for the coming winter. Other emergency plans and back-up mechanisms may include:
  • Increasing gas stocks
  • Developing emergency infrastructure such as reverse flows
  • Reducing short-term energy demand
  • Switching to alternative fuels
  • Developing new solidarity mechanisms with international partners
 In addition, the strategy addresses medium and long-term security of supply. It proposes actions in five main areas, with the first two particularly relevant to energy efficiency:
  • Increasing energy efficiency (especially in the buildings and industry sectors) to reach the 2030 energy and climate goals; demand management through information and transparency (clear billing information, smart energy meters)
  • Completing the internal energy market and developing missing infrastructure links to quickly respond to supply disruptions
  • Increasing energy production in the EU and diversifying supplier countries and routes
  • Speaking with one voice in external energy policy, use the information exchange mechanism with the Commission about planned agreements with third countries which may affect security of supply
  • Strengthening emergency and solidarity mechanisms and protecting critical infrastructure


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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