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Five Year Indicative Development Plan (FYIDP)

legislation type Executive
Adaptation Framework
Mitigation Framework
Passed in 2009
The Five Year Indicative Development Plan (FYIDP) (2009-2013) has devoted an entire chapter for
 environmental issues and management. It states that 'economic development, should
 be environmentally sustainable, and that economic growth and development must be
 achieved without damaging the overall ecosystem on which posterity depends'.

 During the five year period (2009-2013) of the FYIDP, it is stipulated that concerted
 national efforts shall be made to protect, restore and enhance Eritrea‘s environmental,
 natural and cultural assets in all sectors.

 Toward achieving Eritrea‘s environmental goals, the FYIDP stipulates the following
 measures to undertaken during the plan period and beyond: (i) comprehensive
 national baseline data on the environment shall be prepared; (ii) legal provisions
 reviewed to determine their adequacy and supplemented if needed; (iii) land use
 classification and land use maps developed to promote sound land use management;
 (iv) alternative renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, shall be harnessed
 and developed; (v) non-wood construction materials developed to prevent further
 depletion of forest resources; (vi) establishment of appropriate vehicle emission
 standards, inspection procedures, and enforcement capacities; and (vii) environmental
 protection, restoration and enhancement measures shall be mainstreamed in all
 investments and development programs by requiring appropriate environmental
 impact assessments, provision of mitigation measures and effective enforcement
 mechanisms for compliance with established national standards.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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