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National Environmental Policy

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2012
The National Environmental Policy offers an ambitious framework through which the government will respond to climate change and environmental degradation. The general objective of the Policy is to reverse environ-mental degradation and reduce vulnerability to climate change.
 The policy follows six lines of action that will be prioritised by the national government:
  • Restoration of damaged ecosystems and landscapes;
  • Integral environmental sanitation;
  • Integrated management of water resources;
  • Integration of environmental policy and priorities into the general governance of the national territory;
  • Environmental responsibilities and compliance; and
  • Adaptation and risk reduction in relation to climate change.
 One of the major mandates of the policy is that each ministry must incorporate environmental concerns into their own policies and participate in an inter-ministerial environmental council co-ordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. This council will assist in the creation of an 'action plan' that will lay out implementation plans for the tasks and responsibilities set out in the National Environmental Policy corresponding to each of the lines of action listed above.
 Adaptation is specifically prioritised along with reduction of environmental risks. The Policy calls for the development of a National Adaptation Plan that should include mechanisms to monitor and evaluate climate change and the risks it poses; projects to improve water management, especially in relation to flooding during the rainy season and droughts during the dry season; incorporation of adaptation into urban planning and housing designs; evaluation of epidemiological monitoring and public health systems in relation to specific health risks caused by climate change; promotion of environ-mental concerns and climate change within the national education curriculum; promotion of renewable energy; funding priorities and plans to take advantage of international financing schemes.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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