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Egypt s National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

legislation type Executive
Adaptation Framework
DRM/DRR Framework
Passed in 2011
The overarching goal of this Strategy is to increase Egypt's flexibility in dealing with climate change risks and disasters as well as the Egyptian Community's 'ability to absorb, contain, and reduce such risks and disasters' across different sectors.
 The Strategy evaluates the current situation and risks across key sectors, in particular the intersection of coastal zones with water resources and irrigation, agriculture, health, urban areas, housing, roads, and tourism. It recommends (i) the integration of sector specific adaptation plans with each five-year plan and national development programmes; (ii) enhancing community participation and building a 'Safety First' culture; (iii) promoting regional and international co-operation; and (iv) engaging in continuous monitoring of progress.
 The Strategy identifies seven determinants of success in adapting to climate change risks: (i) political will at all levels, (ii) availability of human, financial, and natural resources, (iii) reform and adjustments of institutional frameworks, (iv) amendments to legislation and laws, (v) strengthening the National Information Exchange System, (vi) identification and monitoring, assessment, and follow-up of performance indicators, and (vii) development of a national model for social and economic analysis and projections.
 The specific framework for adaptation outlined in this Strategy is divided into four phases of execution consisting of four five-year plans. Key proposed operational measures for the first five-year plan include: developing a GIS monitoring database on coastal zones, developing a Regional Climate Model (RCM), studying the effectiveness of natural protection systems such as dunes, formulating national legislation to enable climate change risk reduction, developing additional regulations for coastal development, and enhancing partnerships between the public and private sector.
 Further outlines total estimated investment costs over 20 years by sector and specific operational measure. The total estimated cost across all sectors is calculated to be EGP53.07bn (USD7.4bn).


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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