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Law 94-20 on Environmental Education and Communication

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2020
This law aims to include environmental education into all levels of the country's schooling and academic system. 

Its stated goals are 1) build skills by creating skills and values ​​that lead to sustainable development, based on equity, social justice and respect for biological diversity; 2) Promote the implementation of policies and measures for adaptation to climate change and the management of climate risks; 3) Foster the development of an environmental awareness and understanding of the environment in its many aspects and its complex relationships; 4) Encourage the adoption of behaviors in the individual and human groups, and the development of skills to search for joint solutions to environmental problems that generate climate change, contributing to the prevention of environmental impacts and the ability to plan solutions those that already exist, emphasizing the impacts generated by climate change; 5) Encourage the extension of practices and sustainable ways of life in the different territorial contexts of the Dominican Republic, based on the rational and supportive use of resources, as well as on the respectful enjoyment of the environment; 6) Articulate environmental education and communication with risk management to develop a culture of resilience aimed at minimizing the effects of disasters caused by natural phenomena and human activity. This would lead to a decrease in adverse effects of these threats and prepare appropriate and immediate responses; 7) Contribute to the construction of a local management based on the principles of sustainability, for which environmental education is an instrument in favor of a sustainable way of life locally; 8) Encourage the mass media to acquire specialized, appropriate technical knowledge related to environmental conservation, in order to adequately disseminate it to the population; and 9) Develop through environmental education an ethical awareness towards environmental values.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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