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The annually published Global Climate Risk Index analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.).

Published by German Watch https://www.germanwatch.org/en/cri
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Latest Documents

, 2022

The Commonwealth of Dominica Updated National Determined Contribution, Nationally Determined Contribution,Adaptation Communication from Dominica in 2022

, 2022

The purpose of this National Forest Policy is to guide the sustainable management of the forest resources of the Commonwealth of Dominica, including the use of these resources, and the impacts and consequences of that use. It aims to keep the forests healthy, increase their cover and the ecological, economical, and socio-cultural benefits. It calls for a collaborative appr...

, 2020

Dominica. National communication (NC). NC 3., National Communication from Dominica in 2020

, 2020

The Dominica Climate Resilience Recovery Plan (CRRP) was created under the terms of the Climate resilience Act, 2018 and gives full effect to the National Resilience Development Strategy developed in 2018. The CRRP creates targets, defines initiatives and outlines resources required to implement resilience measures. The Plan also confirms Dominica's commitment to becoming ...

, 2020

Dominica's National Resilience Development Strategy rests of the key objectives of promoting food security and self-sufficiency; enhancing the resilience of ecosystems and sustainable use of natural resources; enhancing infrastructure resilience; promoting sustainable human settlements and communities; providing adequate and sustainable social protection systems; implement...

  • Become carbon neutral through 100% domestic renewable energy production and an increase of protected forest areas to 67% of Dominica's land massEconomy-wide | Target year: 2030Source: Dominica Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan 2020-2030
  • GHG emissions reduction of 39% below 2014 levels by 2025 and 45% below 2014 levels by 2030 Economy-wide | Target year:
  • 17.9% by 2020, 39.2% by 2025 and 44.7% by 2030 reduction in GHG emissions compared to 2014 (164.5 Ggs est.)Economy-wide: Economy Wide | Target year: 2016
  • Seaports and airports functioning within one week of an extreme weather event Disaster Risk Management (Drm) | Target year: 2030Source: Dominica Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan 2020-2030
  • 90% of the population able to identify the pillars of resilience and at least one measure undertaken by the Government, with specific focus on respect for people, planet and property Other | Target year: 2030Source: Dominica Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan 2020-2030