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Denmark's recovery and resilience plan

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2021
To benefit from the support of the Recovery and Resilience Facility set up by the EU in the aftermath of the COVID-19-induced economic crisis, Member States submit their recovery and resilience plans to the European Commission. Each plan sets out the reforms and investments to be implemented by end-2026 and Member States can receive financing up to a previously agreed allocation. Each plan should effectively address challenges identified in the European Semester, particularly the country-specific recommendations of 2019 and 2020 adopted by the Council. It should also advance the green and digital transitions and make Member States’ economies and societies more resilient. The Commission validates the plan after which it effectively enters in force and EU subsidies can start flowing towards the member state.

The European Commission has given a positive assessment to Denmark’s recovery and resilience plan, which will be financed by €1.5 billion in grants. 59% of the plan’s total allocation for reforms and investments supports climate objectives, including:
  • Support for green transport: providing premiums for the scrapping of old diesel cars, building new bicycle paths, infrastructure for electric bicycles and support to purchase green ferries. €259 million
  • Investment window and green tax reform: temporarily increasing tax deduction for companies investing in technology and software to facilitate their transition to new business models with lower greenhouse gas emissions. €407 million
  • Green research and development projects: supporting public-private research cooperation to accelerate the development of climate-friendly technology solutions. €94 million
  • Replacing oil burners and gas furnaces: expanding district heating grids into new areas and providing support to households to convert to electric heat pump systems. €65 million
  •  SME support measures for energy renovation: supporting SMEs to grow and create local employment with projects such as energy renovation of buildings or boosting energy efficiency for industry. €80 million


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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