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Democratic Republic of Congo

Disaster Relief Organization Plan

legislation type Executive
DRM/DRR Framework
Passed in 2010
The Democratic Republic of Congo's Disaster Relief Organization Plan (ORSEC) defines the roles and responsibilities of the government during a disaster, and outlines the concrete actions the government plans to take during a disaster. In order to do this, it appoints the National Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Disaster-Affected to be the main coordinating body for disaster management in the country. Overall, the plan has 9 specific objectives: 
  1. Define a system of coordination for disaster response
  2. Develop a repository of risks and their effects on human life, infrastructure, and the environment
  3. Capacity building and strengthening collaboration and cooperation between all actors
  4. Defining and implementing public information and education programs
  5. Establishing and implementing an early warning system
  6. Making projections of natural disasters
  7. Periodically performing simulation exercises to evaluate the plan
  8. Clarifying government roles and responsibilities in disaster risk management
  9. Putting in place a stockpile for prompt, humanitarian disaster response


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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