Costa Rica

Law no 9518 on incentives and promotion of electric transportation and application decrees 41092 and 42489

Passed in 2017
This law creates the regulatory framework to regulate the promotion of electric transport in the country and strengthen public policies to encourage its use within the public sector and in the general public.
 This law regulates the public administrative organization linked to electric transport, institutional competences and their stimulus, through exemptions, incentives and public policies, in compliance with the commitments acquired in international conventions ratified by the country and Article 50 of the Constitution.

Decree 41092-MINAE-H-MOPT regulates incentives for electric transport.

Executive decree 42489-MINAE-H regulates the exemption of the tax on sales and the selective consumption tax on spare parts for electric vehicles and exemption from the selective consumption tax and 1% on the customs value for parts and recharging centers.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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