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LAW N° 2011/022 Of Governing the Electricity Sector in Cameroon

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2011
The law concerns the electricity sector, and is focused on ensuring its modernization and development.
 Part IV of the law sets out general goals for promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for the use of renewables within the context of expanding rural electrification.
 The law states the government shall ensure the promotion and development of rural electrification nationwide, through connection to an interconnected network or through distributed generation. Within the general framework for increased electrification, priority is to be given to distributed generation from renewable sources (except when such sources are scarce, deficient or of high cost). The law allows for surplus electricity generated from renewable energy sources to be purchased by the transmission system operator or by local distributors.
 The law says that the State will ensure the promotion and development of renewable energy through establishing regulation for conditions and mechanisms for research, development, production of equipment and project financing. The government may also establish an agency to promote and develop renewable energy as and when necessary. The law also requires any electricity utility operate to connect renewable energy sources to networks (with connect fees borne by the applicant), with the conditions, volume and price for purchase of energy by utilities to be fixed by decree.
 The law calls for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the industry, transport, commercial and residential sectors, and allows for the government to establish regulation for the obligations, conditions and resources necessary to implement such measures.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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