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Sub-Decree No. 35 on creation of a National Committee for Managing Climate Change

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2006
This sub-decree establishes a National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) with the mandate to prepare, coordinate and monitor the implementation of policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans and programmes of the Royal Government to address climate change issues within the country, thus contributing to the protection of the environment and natural resources and foreseeing and preventing man-made changes in climate that might have adverse impacts on the peoples well-being.

The National Climate Change Committee is an inter-ministerial mechanism, and is cross-sectoral and multi- disciplinary in nature (art.2).

Art. 3 details the roles and responsibilities of the Committee as following: The NCCC has roles and responsibilities to coordinate and cooperate with concerned ministries and institutions aiming to:
- Develop draft climate change policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans and programmes, including national greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and climate change adaptation plans, for submission to the Royal Government for consideration and approval;
- Promote and encourage broad participation of all stakeholders in the development and the effective implementation of climate change policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans and programmes to ensure they are in line with the national development objectives and priorities;
- Promote and encourage the integration of climate change concerns into relevant policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans and programmes;
- Mobilise resources, in particular grants, for the implementation of these climate change policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans and programmes;
- Promote the transfer of appropriate technologies, renewable technologies, and conservation and enhancement of carbon sinks;
- Determine national positions and strategies for participating in international negotiations on climate change;
- Review and approve national reports that are required to be prepared by the UNFCCC;
- Coordinate activities concerning the implementation of the UNFCCC, its protocols, and other climate
change international agreements to which Cambodia is a party;
- Manage and coordinate the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol in Cambodia;
- Report to the Royal Government on climate change issues, status of UNFCCC implementation and
international negotiation processes;
- Promote education, awareness raising, training and information dissemination on climate change for
the general public;
- Participate in national, regional and international conferences and workshops on climate change
related issues;
- Coordinate and oversee the implementation of climate change projects, programmes and research
activities in Cambodia;
- Review and approve workplans and reports of the Climate Change Technical Team (CCTT) to be
established in accordance with Article 4 of this Sub-Decree;
- Promote international cooperation in the field of climate change.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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