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Climate targets: LULUCF

    • Zero illegal deforestation by 2030
      LULUCF | Target year: 2030
    • 12 million ha reforestation by 2030
      LULUCF | Target year: 2030
    • Reduction of 40% in the average deforestation rate by 2006-2009 period in relation to the average rate of the ten years reference period used in the Amazon Fund (1996-2005). For each of the next two periods of four years, reach 30% of extra reduction, in relation to the previous period. In the case of the Amazon bioma, achieving this specific objective can avoid emissions of around 4.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide between 2006 and 2017, considering a biomass carbon stock of 100 tC/ha. This value will be revaluated after the completion of the carbon stocks inventory, to be supported by the National Forest Inventory. by 2006-2009 compared with a 1996-2005 scenario
      LULUCF | Trajectory target | Target year: 2009 | Base year: 1996-2005
    • By 2026, the total area with forest concessions of the Union shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total area of its public forests available for concession, except for located in national forests created pursuant to art. 17 of Law 9,985 of July 18, 2000.
      LULUCF | Fixed level target | Target year: 2016 | Base year: 2006
    • The sustainable Forest Management Plan (PMFS) should present a geographically defined area destined to the absolute reserve, representative of managed forest ecosystems, equivalent to at least 5% (5%) of the total area granted for biodiversity conservation and evaluation and monitoring of the impacts of forest management .
      LULUCF | Fixed level target | Target year: 0 | Base year: 2006
    • Preserving forests at the levels stipulated in the previous objective, double the area of forest plantation from 5.5 million ha to 11 million ha in 2020, of which two million ha with native species
      LULUCF | Fixed level target | Target year: 2020 | Base year: 2007
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from the Grantham Research Institute
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