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Climate targets: Water

    • Unconditional targets:|Triplicate (3.779 million m3) water storage capacity by 2030, in relation to 596 million m3 in 2010.|Reduction of the water component of the Unsatisfied Basic Needs (NBI, for its name in Spanish) to 0.02% by 2030.|Significant improvement of social participation for local water management, increasing to 80% the number social organizations with resilient systems with respect to 35% of 2010.|Reduction of water vulnerability from 0,51 to 0,30 units by 2030 with regards to 2010, which is measured with the National Index of Hydrid Vulnerability in the country, considering aspects related to exposures (treats), hydric sensitivity (hydric scarcity) and adaptation capacity.|Increase adaptation capacity from 0,23 units of 2010 to 0,69 units by 2030, which is measured through the National Index of Adaptation Capacity of Water.|Conditional targets:|Water storage capacity has quadrupled in 2030 (3.779 million m3) compared to 2010 (596 million m3).|Local water management by social organizations has increased to 90 % by 2030.
      Water | Target year: 2030
    • Achieve 100% drinking water coverage by 2025, with resilient delivery services. 100% coverage of drinking water achieved by 2025, with resilient delivery systems and services.
      Water | Target year: 2025
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from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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