Law on the Mobility Budget

Royal Decree
Passed in 2019
This law, adopted by the Parliament and signed by the king, enables employers to set up a mobility budget within their companies. It is distinct from the "cash for car" regulation. The document aims at fostering environmentally-friendly cars, that is to say full-electric vehicles or car with CO2 emissions under 105 g/km in 2019, under 100 g/km in 2020 and under 95 g/km from 2021 onward. The mobility budget ceases to be granted if the car does not fit these objectives. The law also promotes sustainable transport modes as following:
  • soft mobility (purchase, rental, leasing, maintenance and legally required equipment): cycles and motorcycles.
  • public transport: subscriptions (for the distance from home to work and on behalf of the worker) and tickets (public transport tickets in Belgium or in the European Economic Area); organised public transport.
  • sharing solutions: carpooling and car-pooling solutions, taxi services and chauffeur-driven car rental services, rental of self-driving vehicles (maximum 30 days per year).
  • housing costs (rents and interest on a mortgage): home established within 5 kilometres of the usual place of work; mileage allowance bike or provision of a bicycle.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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